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What is TSRE5

TSRE5 is Game Engine compatible with MSTS and OR.
TSRE stands for Train Sim Route Explorer, name I gave my "university homework".
5 is 5th version of this engine.

Currently you can use:
- Route Editor
- Consist Editor

[user guide below - work in progress]

How to download

1. Go to All downloads and download newset ZIP file.
2. Unzip this ZIP file.
3. Run TSRE5.exe if you have 64 bit windows or TSRE5x32.exe if you have 32 bit.

You can apply an update if there is EXE file with higher number than ZIP file.
1. Download EXE and replace TSRE5.exe with it.
2. Updates are only for 64 bit versions.

To make TSRE5 work, you need to have some data (Root Dir) on your computer.

It might be:
- MSTS root directory
- OR installation profile
- Mini Route directory
- Any other Directory that has "global", "routes" and "trains" directories inside.

In the future I will include basic "installation profile".


You can also download Linux native version.
Linux version is only 64 bit.

Linux version requires, all your files and directories in Root Dir have only lovercase names.
It is because bad quality of most msts addons. For example in .s file is TEXTURE.ACE, but on disk is Texture.ACE. To fix this issue my program always looks for lowercase names.

Example script for change all filenames lowercase: (require run several times).
rename 's!/([^/]*/?)$!\L/$1!' **/*

How to configure

This is optional. Read how to edit settings:
1. Editing settings.txt

How to build Routes

1. Getting started.
2. Creating new Route.
3. How to use Route Editor.
4. Making realistic Routes - GEO data.
5. Placing tracks.
6. Placing objects.
7. Editing terrain.

How to build Consists

1. Getting started.
2. How to use Consist Editor.
3. Editing consists.


You can find help, or report bugs on

TrainSim.com forum:
Route Editor For Open Rails
Consist Editor For Open Rails

User Guide on this site is licensed under CC-BY-SA License.

Contact me: pgadecki(xD)gmail.com